This is a 5 book Learning Guide 30 years in the making. Filled with music from Heaven that will bring you to a state of calm, Geometrical Drawings used in the creation of life, words and wisdom that guide your longing to grow to a greater consciousness, and meditations that unify all. And more.

This Life guide has over 300 pages to assist you to create your own self-realization, with multiple meditations and so many songs to open you, and assure your growth, plus
Geometrical Designs to awaken your imagination. Held
together in a easy to own notebook. 
$400 USD + s&h 
and a USB flashdrive

Would you like to learn how to transform your past into a new awakening? What does this mean to you? Learn to live the power of choice and what is directing your life.

Is the connection to God/Creation our own higher self, our Soul connecting and leading us to an opening? A union to walk within the world, opening to our full potential, awakening here and now in human embodiment. 

                     Finding who you are,
                                        and whom you would like to become.       Your truth is on the path shown by the light from this Guide