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Our Book,  your invitation to an open heart

You have heard this talked about -
   this book walks you back to the what
             you have known before.

The guidance from the written word, the music, the meditations are powerful tools to use to navigate this journey of life


Sound Awakening using the guidance from the Ascended Masters, our friends and family, for us and the Earth. 

5 interlocking books that were channeled. The information transcribed over an 8 year period - to open your heart, prepare you to grasp the life changes that are happening now. That bring you through the personal growth needed to become that person that will open  and embrace changes both real and lasting. Someone wanting to know Love, to feel Love and yes - to be Love. 

 These are a small sampling of the inspirational guidance                            of the Divine Voices

Your eyes will see. The door is open, the time is now.

What you have known.  What you can reawaken to.

Consciousness. What it is now, and what it can become.

Sound guidance - a private session with Ruth - insight and information given forth from the Divine Voices. An individualized answer with channeled sound, and instruments selected for you. A chance to grow and become what you have forgotten.

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