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Our Book,  your invitation to an open heart

You have heard this talked about -
   this book walks you back to the what
             you have known before.

During these turbulent and challenging times, many are struggling and searching for a way to ground themselves, and at the same time to access and reclaim their spiritual self. Infinite Wisdom of the Heart, Our Journey Awakens, by uniquely blending music, readings and guided meditation, achieves this and more. By working through the energetic and emotional patterns of our very being, we are gently and persistently led to discover who we really are and as a result, we are then able to merge our physical body with our higher dimensional self. This critical work facilitates all of humanity to move forward and upward, on this wondrous journey. 
                  Christine Glendening


We are offering The Infinite Wisdom of the Heart, Our Journey Awakens, a Mastery Course. A collection of 4 books completely channeled over 8 years! To learn more about our Life Study Course,                                          push the button

 These are a small sampling of the inspirational guidance                            of the Divine Voices

Your eyes will see. The door is open, the time is now.

"The Wonderful Story of Life"

Consciousness. What it is now, and what it can become.

If you would like to learn more about our  acclaimed Life Mastery Course, or be guided by any of our led meditations, or hear more of our recordings with their origins from the Divine Voices, let us hear from you!

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