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Are you a droplet in the ocean


       Or are you in co-unity, a droplet                        that created the ocean

                               Let us explain that you are the co-creators           
                                      of your life and your existence
Now we are all awakening to a higher consciousness, to bring back the memory
     that we have known before, as the Earth and you move forward.
         So look into the internal waters of life and see the reflection of who you are
                                and uncover what the waters of life mean

A Gift from the
Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters - Vision of LifeAscended Masters
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        Reawakening to the memory

 of origin through the use of powerful sound, meditations, masterful universal teachings, and art - all gifted from those we know and call The Ascended Masters.  Everything is ready. Our world is moving forward now. This Mastery Course and music gifted from the other side are the way to find your heart, and recall who you really are.  I can show you the unlimited nature of self.         

       Daniel & Ruth Rousseau Clothier                       

This is Your Invitation


 Within the written word, and sound vibrational frequency, brings clarity of life. Breaking down the barriers of limitation. Your life moves through the barriers, opens to feel Love, and awakens to renew hope.      Ascended Masters                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         



This is the interview with Alex of
Next Level Soul. Listen to it again & again!


Ruth's recent interview with
    The Ascended Masters
      on Jeff Mara Podcast

Ruth speaks about the Infinite Wisdom of the Heart

Ruth as Guest Speaker-
Tap into Unseen Realms

  Ruth's Interview with Kirsty Salisbury
    of "Lets Talk Near Death Podcast"

In the interview with
Pegi Robinson (NDETV),           Ruth discusses
             her journey 

   Ruth & The Ascended Masters
 are offering an opportunity to be part of an unequaled experience of personal growth, guided by those that have lived here on Earth!

Thanks for submitting!

This is the doorway to the union of mind, heart, & soul.


  Hello from Ruth and Daniel

Daniel and Ruth are:

Members of Spiritual Awakenings International

               members of Sound Association International

                  VIP members for Kirsty Salisbury 'Lets Talk Near Death' 

    sustaining members of                        
         International Association for Near Death Studies 

subscriber to NextLevelSoul podcast


I have learned to not only listen but to trust what I read and hear. Using the 13 Awarenesses, the Infinity, the Starburst, and discovering who I am. When I read this expansive life Guide while playing the music that belongs with it, I feel  God inside.
Judy W.

"Infinite Wisdom of the Heart opens the heart and teaches how to merge the Spirit of Creation into the physical body. It allows you to merge your body to the Christ consciousness, and live in centered loving awareness." Sara K.

"The way that Infinite Wisdom of the Heart is written is like they (Spirit) are in the room talking with you!"
                                             Marietta S.

Ruth and Daniel are fabulous! The guidance from the written word, the music, and meditations are powerful tools to use to navigate this journey of Life.   Shelly S.



Watch Now

Gift from the Butterfly

Awakening consciousness is like a bouquet of flowers   

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