Are you just a drop in the ocean


Or the drop that created the ocean

   It took 3 NDEs and a lifetime of writing, teaching, and sound, to find the truth

Your journey can be shorter

                                           Love is the encompassing ALL  of existence.                                                         Reawaken to your ancient memory through the use of sound, meditations, teachings,

  and art from those we know and call Spirit. I can show you the Book of Life-

                                                  the unlimited nature of self.          Ruth Rousseau Clothier



An expanded experiencial guide to learning of life,and who you are. 

The emptiness of self, fill it with a Loving Prescence.

Transcending your limitations and so much more.Experience  an internal healing

Wisdom of the Heart, Book of Life, Here and Beyond. Within the written word, and sound vibrational frequency, brings clarity of life. Breaking down the barriers of limitation. Your life moves through the barriers, opens to feel Love, and awakens to renew hope. Spirit



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                   The Heart is the doorway of pure sound,

            and Sound is the vibration that the Heart is awaiting. 

The Unifying of the Heart and Sound

To experience and view the world in a new way. Emerge alive out of fear, anger, confusion.Can we make a difference? Heal the world and ourselves?. Let us learn together our unlimited nature.
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           Consciousness is awakening.
In many of us we can feel an awakening call.
              Come join us
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  Really looking forward to connecting with         you. Love, Ruth and Daniel

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  Hello from Ruth and Daniel

My name is Daniel, and I am the husband of Ruth, a woman whose heart lives with Spirit. I came to be a part of her life under most unusual circumstances. I wanted a mentor. Someone that could show me a path not only for recovery from a life of fear, doubt, and anger, but also a direction to the promises - peace, joy, and happiness. I have found myself living a life beyond my plans, or imaginations of plans. I have been, and am transforming into a human being learning to be directed from my heart, and higher self.    Daniel Clothier 

    With 3 NDEs, and many Spiritually Transformative Experiences, each opened a doorway to the Love Aspect - the power of our human heart and our full potential in this lifetime.  This knowing is my life direction. This life direction became in line with an inner knowing of Love. Offering a way for each person wanting to accomplish a change that won't fade with time, a change that means the 'full potential of mankind' is a reality, not a dream. The methods of learning are unique, ongoing, and joyous. 

     Ruth is about sharing what was learned from her NDEs, about sound expressed in so many forms, and artistic talents learned in part from a father who was an accomplished painter. She is married to a man who first came to her when employed as a deputy sheriff. Daniel was in recovery for many years at that time, seeking the spiritual growth encouraged by the program of recovery. Their partnership resulted most recently in a collaboration (with Spirit) of 6 years , creating a life expansion guide known as 'Wisdom of the Heart, The Book of Life, Here and Beyond'. "We spent many years co-creating two life expansion works, the last of which exceeds the first in content, quality, and value. We co-created 6 albums, (47 songs) in union with Spirit, and we did 90% of the recording process. We are musicians, and artists, including Geometrical Designs unlike any seen before. The latest life expansion guide is something we use everyday, as it renews its teachings as we grow in understanding in our hearts. Join us. We would love to get to know you, and show you Wisdom of the Heart."

         Ruth and Daniel are members of Spiritual Awakening International

Ruth and Daniel are VIP members for Kirsty Salisbury 'Lets Talk Near Death' 

   Ruth and Daniel are members of                        
                             International Association for Near Death Studies 

Ruth and Daniel are members of Sound Association International

Testimonials of the Month

"I am the mother of an autistic child. Since my son and I have been working with Ruth, I have noticed some very dramatic changes in both of us. For myself I have noticed that when I am reading and learning the material, Wisdom of the Heart, Book of Life, Here and Beyond, and am centered, my son is a direct reflection of my state of being. The music and written material have both taught me how I can bring balance to me, and also my environment. This has helped me walk through some extremely difficult times in my life. I will always continue to grow and be content using what I have learned, and what I will learn. And Kevin will continue to listen to Ruths music every night."    Judy Wiginton

 " Do you know what you have? You have the harmonics and sacred geometry to integrate the light bodies!"                                                                   Robert Gulik III  Geometrical Architect

Gift from the Butterfly

Awakening consciousness is like a bouquet of flowers