We are sponsoring a 'meet, greet, and listen' event on the 10th of September. This will be a zoom event. We are excited as we have created an opportunity for everyone to get to know us, to learn more about our 5 Book Course Study, and hear some of our unique, original musical creations,some of which can be previewed on our website. We will be offering other dates (September 17th is next) in the future with more new and exciting content. Each event will differ slightly, so each will be their own kind of special. You can use the contact box (found in the menu) and we will send a zoom link, or email Ruth for a link                         


Ruth was interviewed with Pegi Robinson (NDE TV). An interview with Ruth sharing of her 3 NDEs, her personal  transformative experiences,  intimate life moments, and how Ruth has gained from her life of devotion to learning  from Spirit. This is information about an expansive life, then and now.

    There is a button on the home page to bring you over to the interview. Let us know how you liked it, and how you gained from the interview. 

The Interview with Kirsty Salisbury of Let's Talk Near Death is a classic expression of an honest recounting of a life, and the NDEs in that life. How returning to and living a life after NDEs and transpersonal experiences can be accomplished for a greater good.
There is a button on the home page to see the actual interview.